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yoga vinyasa classes, Pilates matwork, Thai & Shiatsu Bodywork in a village setting


Dancing Dog Yoga & Pilates of Pipersville welcomes you! Specializing in alignment-based vinyasa yoga, and offering Pilates and Fusion  and barre classes and privates; this is a place for beginners through advanced practitioners, cyclists and athletes looking for increased well-being and balance. I am an active teacher and bodyworker for over 13 years; so happy to bring and share what I have learned to those in my community. You will be well-supported, challenged, and programmed for bliss in classes, private sessions and bodywork! The location is in the historic pants factory office building in Pipersville that has been newly refinished with smooth and warm maple floors and sunshine streaming in through paned windows overlooking a field and barn, garden and trees in spectacular bloom! Just a perfect place for yoga, Pilates and Thai/Shiatsu bodywork in this out of the way spot. Yet, you might find it is right on your way home! 

Here, you will find the many benefits that a regular yoga and Pilates practice can add to your life. My hope is that it will keep you coming back for more, as you see changes in your sense of health and well-being. You will get stronger and more resilient to all the bumps in your life, as your stress and anxiety decrease. 

Yoga classes are flowing, vinyasa style; and for beginners slower with lots of help, yet challenging. Also,offering RESTORATIVE classes, privates, and duets using blankets and bolsters, which are sometimes just the thing you need!

Pilates is classical matwork with use of different specialized props (rings, bands, balls and more)

Bodywork sessions can help to ground you as well as iron out tension and muscular holding patterns while increasing joint mobility. The technique used is based on ancient healing systems, and are performed fully clothed; conveniently, in your yoga or pilates clothing!

After recently re-learning some Qi-Gong forms in order to sub for a class at the Wellness Center, I found they were quite beautiful, flowing, calming and just the thing for those who have been away from exercise for a while, or have limiting conditions due to arthritis and/or chronic pain.  Please contact me for more information, and to schedule your session.

Classes are back! Had a challenging injury to come back from, but am now as strong as ever, thanks to pilates and yoga, and the people who persisted in coming to some rather creative classes that enabled me to teach and work with them: Kris, Jen, Cindi, Dave, Denise, Alison-THANK YOU! NEW! CLICK HERE : http://get.mndbdy.ly/s1ud/zK0tfJ1xGs to get MINDBODY ONLINE, a free AP for latest class schedule, sign-up as well as online payment. 

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